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With more than half a million new positions projected to open up by 2016, nursing is among the nation's fastest-growing occupations, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. An online nursing degree can lead to a rewarding career with great job security. Whether you're just starting out or you're a practicing LPN or RN who wants to advance your career, there's an online nursing program for you. Browse our directory of online nursing schools, or learn more in our online nursing resource centers.

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Getting Your Online Nursing Degree

With all of the different online nursing degree programs available, you have several paths to obtaining a nursing degree available to you. Our Online Nursing Degree Guide will help you determine which online nursing program best suits your career goals and lifestyle.

What to Expect with an Online Nursing Education

online nursing education Earning your online nursing degree allows you to pursue your education without making major sacrifices in your lifestyle. With hundreds of accredited nursing programs online available today, you can earn the competitive degree of your choice. Learn more about what online nursing education programs have to offer.

Online LPN Nursing Degrees vs. RN Nursing Programs Online

You can qualify for a great nursing career with either an LPN degree or an RN degree online. Each nursing degree offers its own benefits to suit your career goals and your lifestyle needs. Explore which online nursing degree program is right for you in our LPN and RN Program Resource Center.

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